Get Ready for Winter with Fur Gloves

fur glovesA few weeks into summer and you are already planning to buy fur gloves? There must have been an intense demand for these items for the ladies to start shopping for them. That and the not-so-quick delivery times associated with ordering items online.

Occasionally, you find yourself in an online store that delivers the chosen fur gloves within a week. But could they be the right fit, pun intended? There are fur gloves that appear online with the fur lined at the edge of the glove. Others have the fur from the edge to the fingertips of the glove sold. Which among these fur gloves would be an ideal fit the coming cold months?

Fownes Women’s Rabbit Fur Lined Black Napa Leather Gloves

These are leather gloves referred to as fur gloves due to the rabbit fur at the edge. This rabbit fur lining reaches the wrists, warming your hands for the winter season. They also come in handy when traveling to states that are way colder than the place you usually come home to. Once you wear them, you realize that the rabbit fur at the edge is just the start of a fur lining inside the glove that extends way up to the fingertips. So it is leather on the outside, rabbit fur on the inside. You keep your hands warm and still look slickly stylish with that leather look. It’s an ideal match for your leather jacket or dark-colored trench coat when strolling the streets in freezing weather.

N’Ice Caps Women and Mens Genuine Leather Gloves with Plush Lining

Clothing technology has introduced us, buyers and sellers alike, to the benefits of faux fur lining in some gloves. What is faux fur lining? It is a fancy term applied for “fake fur”. But the benefits outweigh the not-so-nice label attached to this material. This is why some sellers would rather use the term “synthetic fiber”. This material found in the leather gloves by N’Ice Caps served as an affordable alternative to most fur gloves made with actual animal fur. Animal friendly too as some sellers would emphasize that no animals were harmed in the course of making said fur glove.

This plush lining would remind you of the thickening fur usually found in some parkas. Not too thick to constrict the hands nor too loose to compromise getting some cold air seep into the palms and between the fingers. The side slit on the cuff made this fur glove easy to wear in case your wrist was too thin or too small to keep the glove in place.

Women’s Boiled Wool smarTouch Gloves with Faux Fur

Now this is one fur glove that would remind you of some vintage movies. This is one pair you would love to wear on your next winter sojourn to the ski resort. Maybe not for skiing but for spending time with the family as you warm yourselves by the fireplace. For a glove that consists of 41% wool, it has a spandex palm to maintain flexibility in your hands. And since this is a glove, you can count on it to give you a custom fit. Thanks to the soft stretch fleece lining in the glove.

The faux fux cuff is that classic touch in this fur glove that highlights the femininity of the wearer. This is one pair that you’d love to wear with your boots with the faux fur edge together with your faux fur trench coat. An overall faux fur look will emphasize how beauty is attained without having to resort to animal skin in case you have advocacies that pave the way to animal rights.

Top Things to Do in Orlando, Florida

orlando fl

Need to know top things to do in Orlando, Florida? Well, there are a variety of things to do in Orlando, Florida. With these top best ideas for sure, you will have a wonderful holiday trip. The experience will be memorable for life time with the time spent. Here we have the best ideas for your holiday travel to enjoy every moment on your trip. There is a wide range of things to do in Orlando, Florida. For Basketball, lovers do visit the Orlando Magic center where you can spend time knowing about Orlando’s NBA team of basketball players.

First of all, whether you are visiting with family or friends. Theme Parks are the best place to visit. Most of the popular theme parks in Orland, Fl are highly suggested to visit. For water lovers there is Sea World theme park located in Orlando, Florida that must be visited on the trip. If you are visiting with family and kids Lego Land is the best theme park to be visited. If you are traveling with friends you can still visit Lego Land to find the inner child in you and enjoy every part of it. There are many theme parks that can be visited like Disney theme parks, Magic Kingdom and much more. There are many things to do. You can visit the theme parks to enjoy the most fun.

Many attractions are to see with family and friends as well. The chocolate Kingdom for chocolate lovers. Safari Wilderness Ranch for animal lovers to see most amazing animals in the world. These are just a few attractions. In Orlando, Florida the number of attractions is very high to visit all you need is time. These attractions are the number one choice of both kids and adults. So have all the fun and not miss a thing to enjoy.

When going away on holiday everyone wants to explore the outside world and break the boredom in their daily life. In Orlando, the best outdoor places can be visited and enjoy the fun you never had before. You can enjoy the experience Jet Ski, Balloon Rides, Air Boat tour and amazing rides for the adventurous experience waiting for you in Orlando. You must know that Orlando has the largest golf parks there so you can be part of the sports you like.

If you want to shop around the city. There are many malls with all kinds of products available for your every need while you are on your trip. Not only for your needs but also you can collect souvenirs to keep the memories from your trip for a lifetime. While away on holiday you can relax since holiday trips are for relaxation and peace of mind. While on holiday you can visit the spas and have time for yourself from your busy schedule. You will have the peace of mind and will be relaxed.

For the art lovers, you can visit the historical museums and increase the knowledge about history. Arts and Crafts created by artists are worth checking out. Sculpture gardens, historical museums, art galleries and much more is there for art lovers.

Ten Musicians Who Paint As Good As They Rock

Art schools have often been a fertile breeding ground for musicians, you may even have heard of a few bands that met at art school (do the names The Beatles or Roxy Music ring any bells?). We thought it might be nice to list our top ten (living) musicians who create great music and produce some wonderful art. I’d like to thank The Original Art Shop for their help when researching this!

Endless Highway by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan is one of the most iconic musicians of 60’s but his vibrant and unusual watercolours. He successfully displays his work all over the world.  A selection of his work can be found here.

Self Portrait by Robert Smith

Robert Smith:

The God Father of ‘Goth’ lead singer (and only consistent member) of The Cure is also a surprisingly good artist. His 1990 self-portrait is probably the apex of his work.

Whiskey by Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty:

A controversial choice, some might say, but if you look past the dirty fingernails and drug addled paparazzi pictures of the mid 00’s he actually produces some pretty interesting work (maybe not the blood stuff though).

Self Portrait by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson:

Not the most conventional of musicians and certainly not of artists. Some of Manson’s work could be described as a little ‘off the wall’ but he certainly is credible. Some of the images may be not safe for work, as you would probably expect.

Art by Keith Richards

Keith Richards:

Before joining the Rolling Stones ‘Keef’ went to art-school with the notion of becoming a draftsman for an ad-agency. He hasn’t produced a huge body of work but is definitely a dab hand with a brush. He produced two pieces after falling out of a coconut tree in Fiji and recuperating in New Zealand in 2006.

Paper Planes by M.I.A


The ‘Paper Planes’ musician is also a noted visual artist, art director, and all round visual ‘tour de force’. Some good facts about her can be found here.

Chief Rug by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney:

One of the aforementioned Beatles who is perhaps not as well known for his visual work as his erstwhile band mate John. His work is extremely vibrant and colourful as well as accessible. We think artwork is pretty cool though, you can find a selection of it here.

Pussy Galore by Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth):

Gordon, bass-player with the iconic proto-grunge band Sonic Youth, also happens to be a widely respected visual artist.

Bullart by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (AKA Yusaf Islam):

Stevens / Islam drew and designed all of his own album covers and is widely respected in the art world as being a gifted painter.

Boy on a Sailboat by Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett:

Old time crooner Tony Bennett has a magical voice but also it would seem a magical hand and eye for detail.

Why Regular Travelers Need Life Insurance

Life insurance is probably the last thing that many regular travelers do not think much of. When traveling, your passport and suitcase are not the only important things you have to think about. Whether you are traveling for business or holidays, one of the most valuable things you need to consider to get life insurance.

The Basics of Life Insurance for Travelers

Life insurance for travelers often have five primary components, which include flight, evacuation, medical, trip interruption and cancellation and baggage insurance. Some supplemental policies can be added in order to cover certain concerns, like political evacuation or identity theft. In general, the different types are sold in some combination instead of buying cancellation, medical or baggage insurance only.

The prices of insurance can vary dramatically, with majority of packages costing between five and twelve percent of the entire trip. One of the biggest factors that affect the price is age. For every decade over fifty, rates can go up dramatically, while coverage is often inexpensive for children seventeen years old and under.

The Travel Risk

Insurance companies and agencies consider the risk to their customer based on the travel destination. They also consider the country’s economic conditions, standards of sanitation and public health, disease, the cultural attitudes towards safety and general health and the availability of hygienic medical facilities.

If there is an ongoing civil or military unrest or a country is undergoing a civil war, the countries are considered to be dangerous. Insurance companies often look at the time period before the trip is scheduled. For those purchasing the insurance in just a month or two of travel, then the company will look at such factors more carefully.

As a matter of fact, there are some companies that will postpone your application until your return. Therefore, if you know that you have a planned international trip and you want to be insured before leaving, begin the process of application as early as possible.

The Benefits of Life Insurance for Regular Travelers

Life insurance for regular travelers can minimize the financial risks of traveling, which include emergency evacuation, canceled tours, theft, lost baggage, terrorism, missed flights, accidents, illness, travel-company bankruptcy and accidents.

The potential loss of every traveler depends on how much of the trip is prepaid, your health condition, luggage value, travel destination, the refundability of the travel ticket, the coverage you have and the financial condition of your tour company, as well as the airline.

You can travel with confidence knowing that you are financially secured no matter what happen during the trip. You just need to find the right insurance company to deliver you the quality service you need. If you are a regular traveler, the company you choose for your life insurance will make a huge difference. Some life insurance companies will charge higher premium rates for dangerous travels, whereas others may reject your application altogether.

No matter what your reason is for traveling, obtaining a life insurance is a great idea to protect you, your family and your investments should the unexpected happen while you are on your trip.

I’d like to thank Cover and Legal for their help and information while I was writing this article!

Inflatable Spa Buyer’s Guide

inflatable spa ratings

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax in a hot tub after a hard day work? It would soothe all your stress away and make the rest of the day a whole lot better. Of course, most people wouldn’t even give buying one a second thought because they think that it would cost a fortune and take up much space. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case, there are fully functional inflatable hot tubs that cost less than $500. Now, one of the challenges when it comes to inflatable hot tubs is finding the right one so below is a list of some of the best options in the market at the moment.

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hot Tub

The Lay-Z-spa is one of the best brands with very reasonable prices and this particular spa is one of their best, and for good reasons too. It comes with a very simple but stylish design and looks amazing. It comes with a manual and DVD for setting up as well as maintenance. It has a 3 layered learheroid body that will offer you comfort and durability and a built in air chamber for proper insulation. It has a filtration to make sure the water is clean at all times and an added ground mat to keep the water warm. It has 120 powerful air-jets and a quick drain feature for ease when you are done. It takes about 4-6 people at one time and comes with a heavy-duty repair patch and glue just in case. The inflatable spa ratings will tell you just how good this one is.

Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Inflatable Hot Tub

One of the best things about this tub is the fact that it has a large capacity of about 6-8 people with ease. Of course, it is expected to be a bit more expensive but the quality is so much so high quality. As large as it is, it is still portable and easy to move around and comes with a beautiful blue everyone is sure to like. When it comes to performance, the Monaco lives up to its expectations because with its rapid heating system, the water will heat up up to 40 degrees much quicker and it comes with 80 air jets that will make the relaxing unbelievable. Its air pump is controlled digitally and the leatheroid cover and hardwearing clips make sure that there is sufficient insulation. The filtration system sees to it that the water is clean at all times.

Intex Octagonal Bubble Spa Hot Tub

This is the most expensive hot tub on the list but the inflatable spa ratings will show you that it is easily one of the best in the market as well. It comes with an absolute fantastic look and the performance is nothing short of brilliant. It has a fiber-tech construction that makes it very sturdy and comes with a built in massage system of 120 heated bubble jets that will give you an amazing massage. It has a heating management system that you can control the temperature to your liking and has a built in hard-water system that prevents skin damage.

All of these products are great and will be worthy investments and I hope I have made the decision much easier for you.