Ten Musicians Who Paint As Good As They Rock

Art schools have often been a fertile breeding ground for musicians, you may even have heard of a few bands that met at art school (do the names The Beatles or Roxy Music ring any bells?). We thought it might be nice to list our top ten (living) musicians who create great music and produce some wonderful art. I’d like to thank The Original Art Shop for their help when researching this!

Endless Highway by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan:

Bob Dylan is one of the most iconic musicians of 60’s but his vibrant and unusual watercolours. He successfully displays his work all over the world.  A selection of his work can be found here.

Self Portrait by Robert Smith

Robert Smith:

The God Father of ‘Goth’ lead singer (and only consistent member) of The Cure is also a surprisingly good artist. His 1990 self-portrait is probably the apex of his work.

Whiskey by Pete Doherty

Pete Doherty:

A controversial choice, some might say, but if you look past the dirty fingernails and drug addled paparazzi pictures of the mid 00’s he actually produces some pretty interesting work (maybe not the blood stuff though).

Self Portrait by Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson:

Not the most conventional of musicians and certainly not of artists. Some of Manson’s work could be described as a little ‘off the wall’ but he certainly is credible. Some of the images may be not safe for work, as you would probably expect.

Art by Keith Richards

Keith Richards:

Before joining the Rolling Stones ‘Keef’ went to art-school with the notion of becoming a draftsman for an ad-agency. He hasn’t produced a huge body of work but is definitely a dab hand with a brush. He produced two pieces after falling out of a coconut tree in Fiji and recuperating in New Zealand in 2006.

Paper Planes by M.I.A


The ‘Paper Planes’ musician is also a noted visual artist, art director, and all round visual ‘tour de force’. Some good facts about her can be found here.

Chief Rug by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney:

One of the aforementioned Beatles who is perhaps not as well known for his visual work as his erstwhile band mate John. His work is extremely vibrant and colourful as well as accessible. We think artwork is pretty cool though, you can find a selection of it here.

Pussy Galore by Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth):

Gordon, bass-player with the iconic proto-grunge band Sonic Youth, also happens to be a widely respected visual artist.

Bullart by Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens (AKA Yusaf Islam):

Stevens / Islam drew and designed all of his own album covers and is widely respected in the art world as being a gifted painter.

Boy on a Sailboat by Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett:

Old time crooner Tony Bennett has a magical voice but also it would seem a magical hand and eye for detail.