Get Ready for Winter with Fur Gloves

fur glovesA few weeks into summer and you are already planning to buy fur gloves? There must have been an intense demand for these items for the ladies to start shopping for them. That and the not-so-quick delivery times associated with ordering items online.

Occasionally, you find yourself in an online store that delivers the chosen fur gloves within a week. But could they be the right fit, pun intended? There are fur gloves that appear online with the fur lined at the edge of the glove. Others have the fur from the edge to the fingertips of the glove sold. Which among these fur gloves would be an ideal fit the coming cold months?

Fownes Women’s Rabbit Fur Lined Black Napa Leather Gloves

These are leather gloves referred to as fur gloves due to the rabbit fur at the edge. This rabbit fur lining reaches the wrists, warming your hands for the winter season. They also come in handy when traveling to states that are way colder than the place you usually come home to. Once you wear them, you realize that the rabbit fur at the edge is just the start of a fur lining inside the glove that extends way up to the fingertips. So it is leather on the outside, rabbit fur on the inside. You keep your hands warm and still look slickly stylish with that leather look. It’s an ideal match for your leather jacket or dark-colored trench coat when strolling the streets in freezing weather.

N’Ice Caps Women and Mens Genuine Leather Gloves with Plush Lining

Clothing technology has introduced us, buyers and sellers alike, to the benefits of faux fur lining in some gloves. What is faux fur lining? It is a fancy term applied for “fake fur”. But the benefits outweigh the not-so-nice label attached to this material. This is why some sellers would rather use the term “synthetic fiber”. This material found in the leather gloves by N’Ice Caps served as an affordable alternative to most fur gloves made with actual animal fur. Animal friendly too as some sellers would emphasize that no animals were harmed in the course of making said fur glove.

This plush lining would remind you of the thickening fur usually found in some parkas. Not too thick to constrict the hands nor too loose to compromise getting some cold air seep into the palms and between the fingers. The side slit on the cuff made this fur glove easy to wear in case your wrist was too thin or too small to keep the glove in place.

Women’s Boiled Wool smarTouch Gloves with Faux Fur

Now this is one fur glove that would remind you of some vintage movies. This is one pair you would love to wear on your next winter sojourn to the ski resort. Maybe not for skiing but for spending time with the family as you warm yourselves by the fireplace. For a glove that consists of 41% wool, it has a spandex palm to maintain flexibility in your hands. And since this is a glove, you can count on it to give you a custom fit. Thanks to the soft stretch fleece lining in the glove.

The faux fux cuff is that classic touch in this fur glove that highlights the femininity of the wearer. This is one pair that you’d love to wear with your boots with the faux fur edge together with your faux fur trench coat. An overall faux fur look will emphasize how beauty is attained without having to resort to animal skin in case you have advocacies that pave the way to animal rights.